Meet Alfie

Comfort is not a luxury. ALFIE is a mobile app that allows hotel, villa & cruise guests to order and securely pay for food, drinks and services from anywhere in the property during their stay, at any chain, with just one app.

It’s A New Way To Stay…

No Cash - No Worries


No cash? No stress. ALFIE benefits from in-app payment, so you can concentrate on relaxing. No need to worry about bulky wallets.

Alfie App Cuts Waiting Time In Half


No waiter? Everything is at your fingertips. Cut your wait time in half by placing your order at the touch of a button anywhere in your hotel


One app. Works everywhere. No need to download a new app every time you arrive at a new hotel – ALFIE is on call anywhere.

Cleverly Created With Beacon Technology. We’re Here For You.

Ordering room service in a hotel has become pretty standard… you pick up the room phone, place your order from the menu, and eventually a delivery will arrive at your door. But what if you’re not in your room? What if you need to know precisely how long the delivery will take to arrive? Utilizing intelligent, hyper-accurate technology, ALFIE is able to pinpoint your exact location, allowing you to place, track and receive your order from anywhere within the hotel! ALFIE is certified Apple iBeacon™ compatible.

Need Towels? Try Alfie App

Make Being on Business Travel Easier and Vacation Even Better With Your Personal e-Butler.

ALFIE users enjoy more free time to do what they love or achieve what they want. Business travelers will be blessed by its ease of use and convenience, while holidaymakers can experience more of what they enjoy. Fresh towels to the room, cocktails by the pool, spa treatments with the girls, or a snorkeling tour with your kids can be arranged with a convenient touch of a button.

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